Survivor’s pension

Widow’s/widower’s pension
The widow’s and widower’s pension amounts to 60.00 % of the old-age or invalidity pension at the time of death.

Orphan‘s pension
The orphan’s pension is 15.00 % for each half-orphan and 30.00 % for each full-orphan of the member’s pension at the time of death.

They are considered children

  • the marital children
  • the children declared marital
  • children accepted instead of children
  • the non-marital children of the deceased, if their maintenance obligation is established

The orphan’s pension is paid until the age of 18. Beyond that date, payment is possible until the age of 27, provided that the child is in school or vocational training or if he is unable to entertain himself at the age of 18 due to physical or mental infirmity, as long as this condition continues.

You can find the pension application and further information here.